Before all else, I really appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to find out more about me.
If you’re in a hurry, here is my Europass resume (pdf file): CV Dorel Ungureanu
If you have a couple of minutes to spare, you’ll find my story below:

As you probably already read on the main page, I am Dorel Ungureanu.

I have a BSC in Naval Architecture (class of 2009) and a MSc in Advanced Ship Technology (2013).

While working for one of the major European shipyards, I realized the importance of weld quality in shipbuilding. So, in 2018, I enrolled in a welding engineering course at the National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing – ISIM Timişoara.
After passing my exams, I became an International Welding Engineer (IWE)/European Welding engineer (EWE).

My professional career started back in 2010 at STX OSV Shipyard (Tulcea), as a Design Engineer for the Technical Assistance Design Department. It was an excellent starting point. I spent most of my working hours in the workshop or near the ships, trying to find quick and valuable solutions for on-site design/manufacturing errors. These types of errors are able to substantially decrease the delivered quality, cause project delays and cost overruns.

I was then invited to join Damen Shipyards Galati as a Naval Engineer for Project Engineering & Drawings Control Department. My primary responsibility was to check for design errors before the detail design package went into production.

Recognized by my peers and my superiors for my skills and attention to detail, I found myself ready to take a step further in my career. I thus choose to go back to STX OSV Shipyards (Braila) to work as a Hull Design Engineer, in the Hull Design Department.

Soon enough, I was learning from my own mistakes. Each and every one of these mistakes became a lesson learned that didn’t affect the quality of my work because by now I was well trained to find and remove it before the end of the design process.

After 3 quite different experiences in 3 different shipyards, I had finally learned how to identify a design error, repair it, and most important, how to avoid it.

The next step was working on basic design and 3D modeling using Aveva and technical on-site customer assistance for Icepronav Engineering (Romania) and BW Engineering (Finland).

My shipbuilding production experience is mainly due to the time spent at Damen Shipyard as a Workshop engineer for steel processing and section building and as a Hull and Outfitting project coordinator.

At the moment, I am a Principal Engineer for Hull and Structure Department at Icepronav Engineering Romania.

All in all, I am quite grateful for my zigzagging career path as it has allowed me to continuously learn new and interesting things, develop hands-on engineering skills, a great eye for detail, and commercial awareness.

I really hope the next 30 years or so left of my career will be as rewarding as the first 10 have been.

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