Blog Update

bu1 290x290 Blog UpdateHello,
I decided that it’s time for a new beginning, with a new approach and a new strategy.
So I deleted all the blog comments, and some of the blog post. All most comments were spam.
Deleted post were about domains that I don’t own anymore.
I will try to post some new, relevant content for domain names and related. email

dorel emailA few days ago, someone sent me a mail telling me that Dorel is for sale for the price of 5000 USD.
Below  is the email:
“Dear Sir/Madam,

dorel is for sale and the price is 5000USD.

We support both and, please just tell us which escrow provider you prefer to and your account ID, then we can start the domain transfer, and the overall transfer will be finished in only 1~5 days.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Cindy ”
Silly me, I would sell Dorel .org for 399 USD.
I wonder, how is this possible this huge price difference? I sell too cheap? Or their price is exaggerated?

Life is a beautiful surprise

life1 Life is a beautiful surpriseLife is and will remain always a nice surprise
The sun rises every day in our hearts and brings hope and joy
We have to live a gift!
It can be anything more beautiful?

Ever stop to look for life after basic principle to guide us during our journey through life?
We travel on the road of life and believe that something depends on us.
We had a goal in life to believe in the fact that we have a very important mission on the stage of life.
I think it’s possible to have that important mission in life unless you live in our soul life principles strongly supported.
Being a man means in other words is to have principles.

Where the dream becomes reality…

dreams road sign Where the dream becomes reality...If the dream can become reality would not be possible and that reality be a simple dream?
Who and what can make the difference between dream and reality?
Why there are dreams as well as reality?
Is it possible to work with reality dream for us to succeed in what we every day?
Can you actually turn your dream into reality or is that notion just another dream?
Some questions are answered in the dream!
Tomorrow is not a dream but will become if we do not think about it starting today!
To think of the future but by now would be an acceptable solution?


life1 EverydayWith the thrill of our daily lifestyles, we can often discover ourselves wishing for a tranquil, easier way of living.  If your way of life has come to look like an unlimited competition to the finish line, stop and think about what you can change, to carry a higher feeling of relaxed and convenience back into your lifestyle.


547603 440403202680709 1220481115 n Dorel, Dorel.orgI am one of the lucky ones who can use my real name (Dorel) as a domain for my blog (
It’s been a while since Dorel’s blog is up and I come to the conclusion that I don’t have time to write this blog.
In the present active globe, it’s easy to put everyone else first. With the requirements of work and close relatives, it might feel that there is not much time remaining over for you.
For real. There are a hundred things I should be doing right now besides blogging. There’s so little time and so much to do that my blog has never been a priority.
Note to myself: One day all this will change, someday I will have more time for myself and for my girlfriend. And of course, for this blog.

Voices vs. Demons

300 755849 284x300 Voices vs. DemonsI am in a ungrateful situation.
The voices inside my head told me not to listen to my inner demons. What to do? How do I decide who’s good and what’s bad? Which advice to listen to?
Fortunately, this is just a hypothetical situation. But what do you do if the situation would become real? Who will listen? Under which judgment you will take a decision?
Indeed, it would be ungrateful situation.